The power of the net

Posted: 9th March 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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The Internet is a funny thing.

Why do certain stories, photos or videos get lost into the billions of others, while some spread like wildfire?

I have no idea. I’m not sure anyone does. Look at YouTube, for example. The most viewed video is a music video for Justin Bieber’s song, “Baby.” It has 714,550,777 views.

That’s nuts.

One of the highest viewed stories on the Daily Globe website is a story about a bridge collapse on October 19, 2010. It has more than 12, 000 views.

As far as Internet “trending” goes, there’s a new sheriff in town, so to speak, within Forum Communications.  

Her name is Marilyn Hagerty and she’s an 85-year-old food columnist from Grand Forks. She recently wrote a review of the new Olive Garden for the Herald.

For some reason, it went viral. I mean, it absolutely blew up.

It’s hard to post numbers as to what this story has done. By the time I’m finished writing this sentence, I’m sure the numbers will jump up even more.

But we’ll throw this number out there: 349, 000.

It has (more than by now) 349,000 hits as of 2 p.m. Friday.

That number is unfathomable to me. The story has been tweeted more than 14,000 times and shared on Facebook more than 21,000 times.

In comparison,’s (the site of the Forum in Fargo) most viewed story of all time had 81,607 views.

Hagerty has been handling her fame in stride, but I feel like we haven’t seen the last of her quite yet. The story is still exploding throughout the Internet, and who knows when (or if) it will stop.

People all over the world are talking about Hagerty, a small-town food critic. Some of the comments aren’t positive, but a lot of them are. So far, she seems to handle her fame just fine.

If you have some time, or if you’re even curious as to how the winding world of the Internet works, take a look at this. Read through her blog and follow the trail around the country. It’s an interesting study on how things can “blow up” online and something and someone from our corner of the world can have a global impact.

And who knows, I wouldn’t be surprised if I turn on the TV sometime and see her eating with Leno and Letterman.

I’m sure she’d handle that in stride, too.

  1. gretcheno says:

    Interesting! I’ll have to check out her post. Just like we learned in the 2000 presidential elections, that every vote counts (I was teaching 12th grade government class at the time – that was wild) – now we’re learning that if you post the right thing…they will come!

  2. gretcheno says:

    It took me until today to read her article…I hadn’t heard about her, though my husband had. Wild. Maybe when we’re 85 everyone will love us, too. :-)