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Quick, answer this question.


Which college is the only one to win not one, but two, national championships on the same day?

The answer? Wartburg College

From ESPN: Wartburg College Knights (Div. III) won 2 NCAA National Championships in 2 different sports on Saturday (women’s indoor track and wrestling).

No other school in any of the NCAA divisions has ever accomplished that feat.

Oh yes, that makes me proud to be a Knight.

Wartburg has always had a strong tradition of athletics. Some sports were more prominent than others, of course. Our wrestling team has been a sense of pride for the college for a long time. In fact, the New York Times recently did a story on the rivalry between Wartburg and Augsburg in the Division III wrestling ranks.

But add on a successful indoor track and field program or WTF (Wartburg Track and Field) as we called them, and it’s a powerful mix.

It’s not often a small, DIII school gets some time in ESPN, but I’m sure having an alumni as a higher-up in the producer world at the worldwide leader in sports didn’t hurt.

Facebook has been blowing up with shares of this photo and comments from alum, as well it should. Because as Wartburg alum have spread across the world, the Black and Orange still runs deep through us.

And on this day, that sense of school pride is a little stronger.

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