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Just to be clear, this story actually does not involve a chicken dinner.

No, thank you!

Although, I suppose it could have.

A couple weeks ago, on a random Friday night,  the sports editor, Chris Murphy, and I went to dinner at Hy-Vee. We didn’t have much time that night for some reason, so him and I picked up some food to go.

Hy-Vee has great food to go, by the way.

But, that’s not the point of this story.

Oh no, this story has a completely different ending.

I’m going to pull a Tarantino and give you the ending first. This story ends with my cupboards being just a little more full.

As part of food check out week, reporter Julie Buntjer was at Hy-Vee to register people for a gift card and give away spatulas. So, on that very same night, Chris and I registered and talked with Julie for a bit.

I almost forgot about it until last week when I had a strange phone call. It was from Dean Christopherson, who I did not know. But he wanted my address, so I figured it had to be something good.

I came back into the office and asked Julie what she knew about it. And apparently, I had won.

Now, I’m not usually a winner. Not to say I’m a loser, but winning is not my thing. So, when this beautiful gift card came in the mail, I was very excited.

It came in the mail on Saturday and Sunday afternoon I went shopping. It’s fun to have “free money” so to speak to buy groceries. I had two choices, I could buy items I needed or splurge on fun things, like candy or something crazy.

I decided to go the safe — and somewhat boring — route. I used it to pick up the essentials. The Nobles County Dairy Association was also a part of this promotion, so it was only right I bought both milk and butter. I picked up a few other items and called it a day.

So while it was a great shock and surprise, I have to thank Nobles County Farm Bureau, Nobles County Dairy Association and Hy-Vee for the promotion, it was certainly a great surprise and made me feel like a winner — if even for a couple days.

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