Welcome Mary Beth Blegen!

Posted: 19th March 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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There are times when I look back on some days and I’m pleased. Then there are days where I’m not so pleased.

Today was the former.

I was told early this morning by co-worker Beth Rickers that she had someone in mind to start a blog.

A couple e-mails later and here we are, with a great addition to our Areavoices lineup.

The blog is called “A Life Worth Sharing.”  And she has already written her first post.

It is written by Mary Beth Blegen. Through Beth, I found out that Mary Beth was once the National Teach of the Year. Quite an accomplishment.

She was also a former columnist for the Daily Globe.

This is how she explained how she began to work for the Globe:

I must tell you how I  started my column originally with the Globe. ( I had done some writing when the choir went to Crailsheim in 1980 and had done a long piece on a surgery I had in 1980 )   It was the early 80s.  We lived at 1009 Marine Avenue across the the high school.  We had had water in the basement.  I was a young mom with 3 kids.  I was clearing under the couch in the basement one afternoon and actually found a plant growing out of the carpet.
I assumed it was a popcorn plant thinking that the seed had merely planted itself in the wet carpet.  I pulled the plant, sat down, wrote a humorous piece, put the plant in a jar, ran down to the Globe, put it on Paul’s desk and ran out of there as fast as I could.  It showed up on the front page the very next day.  I wrote two columns a week for years and then went to one.  Loved it all!
After reading her first post, I know there are going to be some great ones coming!
If you haven’t had a chance to check out her blog — or the other numerous ones we have — be sure to do that. And, if Mary Beth inspires you to start a blog, let me know, we are always on the lookout!
Happy reading!

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