‘Drink your beer, eat your bacon’

Posted: 29th March 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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Yes, this was a real quote from this morning’s speaker at the Eighth Annual Regional Bioscience Conference.

I had never been to the bioscience conference before today. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what it even was.

So when I had the opportunity to go this morning, I agreed.

I went as part of my duties, but it didn’t seem like work. It was almost too interesting.

Lance Baumgard, a Round Lake native and current professor at Iowa State University, spoke about food and health.

“I want to talk about our food and how it impacts our health,” Baumgard said to start his presentation. “I think, in general, the average Joe affiliates animal food products — dairy, beef, pork poultry — with a negative connotation.”

He went on to talk about saturated fat, cholesterol and how it relates to food products.

One story caught my attention.

He talked about a study that was done. The study used two groups of people.

“The American Medical Association put people on a special intervention group,” Baumgard said. “That group was — we’re talking 8,000 people or 12,000 people — that special intervention group was supposed to stop drinking, exercise more and reduce your fat intake. The other group, you’re a control group, you can do what you want.

“There was a seven-year period. There was no differences in mortality due to heart disease, both were very little. In total mortality, the special intervention group actually had a statistically higher mortality than the controls.” 

Then he asked a question.

“Can you guess a reason why the people who quit drinking, ate less meat and exercised more, why they died?”

There were some murmurs in the crowd.

“Someone said they wanted to,” Baumgard said. “It was suicide and that’s not a joke, this is dead serious.”

So then he said something everyone can live by.

“Drink your beer, eat your bacon.”

Sounds like what I’m planning for supper tonight.

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