Posted: 2nd April 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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I finally have confirmed where the music comes from.

The answer is Dale Ryen, from The Stag.

I first contacted Darlene at the Chamber of Commerce, and she pointed me in the direction of Dale.

But that wasn’t good enough. I needed to know more.

I ran into Dale this weekend and I put on my investigative reporter hat, so to speak.

He confirmed that he, in fact, is in charge of the music.

“But where does it come from?” I asked.

Really, that was what I wanted to know. Or, what I needed to know.

Well, he told me.

The music comes from the basement of the government center in the middle of downtown Worthington.

And the musical selection? From Dale’s iPod.

So, now I know. The mystery has been solved.

And I’ll be able to sleep a little better tonight because I know the answer.

  1. Karen Hagen says:

    Glad you found out the answer.