How do you get rid of squeaky shoes?

Posted: 13th April 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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How do you get rid of squeaky shoes?

Mine seem to be very squeaky.

I haven’t really noticed it lately. Maybe it’s because I’m just used to it. Or maybe my hearing is suffering in my old age.

But either way, I think others are starting to notice it today.

It was first noticed by Justine when I walked past her earlier today.

Beth commented that it was annoying.

Maybe it’s a Friday the 13th curse.

Or maybe I just have really old shoes.

So what are my options here?

The first would be to just take them off.

That idea was quickly shot down by Julie, whose desk is closest to mine.

Does that mean my feet smell? Not sure, but I don’t want to find out.

The second option would be just just sit still. I don’t have the attention span to not move around a little bit. I get stir-crazy if I don’t go move about every once in a while.

So that’s not a viable option.

My question to my readers is this: How can I stop my shoes from squeaking?

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