What a weekend

Posted: 16th April 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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It’s funny how it works. When you’re looking forward to something for so long, it’s hard to believe it’s over so quickly.

That’s how this weekend was for me.

I had been targeting this weekend for quite some time. Why? Because I hadn’t seen my former college roommate in way too long. And this was a weekend we would be able to get together for the first time since last fall.

I remember that day very vividly. It was Sept. 10, 2011. It was a beautiful day in Ames, Iowa — where my friend, Mark, lives. I was there to see the Iowa/Iowa State football game. Well, the Hawks lost that game, but it was fun to see Mark and hang out for a bit.

So fast forward to the weekend.

Mark and I decided to travel to Minneapolis. He hadn’t been to Target Field before and I’m always up for baseball.

We met early Saturday morning in Albert Lea and headed north.

Mark and I saw the Twins’ game on Saturday — the same game where the Worthington High School choir sang the National Anthem.

Of course, Texas beat Minnesota 6-2.

Once the game was over, we headed back to our hotel to settle in. A couple hours later, we were back out into the world. This time, a Timberwolves game was awaiting us.

I had been to a Wolves game before, but that was back in the day when Kevin Garnett was still playing for Minnesota. On Saturday night, there was no Garnett. Or Ricky Rubio. Or Kevin Love, for that matter. But there was Kevin Durant. Minnesota was playing host to Oklahoma City, which is one of the best teams in the Western Conference.

The Wolves battled and stayed in the game for a while, but ended up falling short 115-110. Durant was as good as advertised, scoring 43 points. Seeing him play was worth the price of admission.

Sunday, it was back to Target Field. We went to the field early, giving us an opportunity to walk around a bit. I had done this plenty of times before, but Mark had not. So we walked all the way around the outside and inside the stadium as well.

The weather wasn’t supposed to be very good — and it wasn’t at times. We sat through a couple of short rain showers, but for the most part, it was a pretty good experience.

Our seats were pretty close to home plate on Saturday. But on Sunday, we were way up in the 300s. You could see the entire field, but the players were pretty small. The Rangers won that one, too, 4-3.

I have now seen three Twins games. And they are 0-3. My esteemed colleague, Dan Condon, wants to blame this on me. I however, place the blame on the fact Minnesota is not a good team. We’ll see if that streak breaks at the end of the month when I go back and see the Royals.

Even though the home teams went 0-3 during our weekend extravaganza, it was still an awesome experience and good way to spend a weekend.

  1. Keith Wilkerson says:

    My wife and I were also at the game Saturday – our first time to Minneapolis. Loved Target field! Do you have any idea where I could send a note of appreciation to the Worthington HS choir? Those kids were awesome singing the national anthem.

    Keith Wilkerson
    Kilgore, TX

    • Aaron Hagen says:

      I’m glad you guys enjoyed Target Field and the choir! It was a beautiful day for baseball, and it’s always a great place to watch a game.

      The Daily Globe would be happy to run a letter to the editor about their singing, or you could contact the school directly, whichever is easiest for you.