Not one of my prouder moments

Posted: 19th April 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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I don’t think I can tell you how bad I feel about this.

Not a good look for me, dress shoes and shorts

But it happened.

All I can do is learn from it and move forward.

This story begins a few weeks ago. The managing editor, Ryan McGaughey, was wearing a plaid shirt. It wasn’t his best choice in clothes. I made the comments about how he looked like a farmer. And I made them all day long.

Well, I never claimed to be a fashion guru. I’m surprised when I have matching socks on. I have learned how to match my belt and my shoes, but that’s about as far as I go.

That’s what makes this story even worse.

So, I was packing for my two-day trip during my lunch hour on Monday.

I took extra care to pack extras of everything. I never know where these trips will take me, so I try to be prepared for just about anything.

I had everything ready to go in my car and I took off Monday after work.

I was still in my work clothes — a polo, black dress pants and black dress shoes. I was just past Jackson when I realized my mistake.

I didn’t have any other shoes.

In my bag was enough clothes to last for a week. But the only pair of shoes I had was my dress shoes.

Uh oh.

I was too far along to turn around, so I just kept going.

For the most part, I did pretty well disguisingĀ  my error. If you wear jeans, it’s not a big deal. And let’s be honest, who looks at a guys’ shoes?

Here was the kicker. Wednesday I went golfing. I was able to wear my golf shoes to and from the course. But then I was stuck.

I had on a pair of khaki shorts.

This left me two options. The first was I could go and change. If I put on jeans, it wouldn’t look so awkward.

Or I could just wear my shorts and look ridiculous.

I chose option 2. I’m not proud of it, but I didn’t want to dig out a pair of jeans, dirty them and go through the trouble of changing.

Luckily, no one saw this unfortunate fashion incident. But I had to laugh about it.

And of course, share it with you, my faithful readers.

  1. gretcheno says:

    :-) I hope that Ryan teased you properly upon reading this.