I’m an idiot

Posted: 23rd April 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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I feel like it’s important to share that right away.

Doesn't this look like a copy?

I’m an idiot.

We all do things that aren’t very intelligent. I know quite often I’ll look back on something I said or did and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?”

I had a moment like that last night.

I am a Netflix subscriber. I very much enjoy their collection of movies, and being a lover of movies myself, it seemed like a perfect fit.

However, recently, they changed their policies. I used to be able to have unlimited streaming as well as one DVD out at a time for something like $8.

Now, they have separated it out. It’s the same $8.99 or whatever (I’m not exactly sure on the price) for unlimited streaming. But it’s another $8 to get a DVD in the mail.

I made a decision to drop the mailed DVD recently, but keep the streaming portion of the service.

I had one last DVD sent to my house. It was “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

I opened it up Sunday night. I had hoped to watch it earlier in the week, but it was nearly three hours long. I didn’t have that much time in the recent days. Sunday night, I did.

So I opened up the DVD and immediately stopped.

It was a burned copy.

The disc was from Sony. It clearly said “DVD-R” on it. The title was written on it with marker.

I wasn’t upset. As long as the DVD played, I was OK with it.

But then I had another thought. What if they think it was me? What if Netflix calls me in a few days asking where their DVD is? What if they accuse me of making a copy and keeping the original disc?

So, I called.

And that’s when the, “What the hell?” Moment happened.

I talked with a very nice lady at Netflix. I had never called their customer service before, but I was very impressed.

I explained the situation to her.

And there was silence for a moment on the other end.

And a little bit of a chuckle.

Apparently, the studio is creating these discs to look like burned copies.

I was fooled.

But apparently so was everyone else. The nice lady on the other end told me she had numerous calls about the same situation. The last call she was on had the same question.

So, I’m an idiot.

But I’m not alone.

  1. gretcheno says:

    Oy, that’s bizarre that they’re doing that – we get Netflix movies but I’ve never seen one like that yet. And I wouldn’t say you’re an idiot – because if you are, then I would have been too, given the same situation!

  2. Ha-ha I would have been fooled too except that when I picked out the movie at the rental place ALL of the copies looked like they were burned copies. Deductive reasoning told me that this is what it was supposed to look like.

    I’m sure you made the Netflix lady’s day more fun.

    • Aaron Hagen says:

      Yeah, we shared a good laugh about it. Oh well, I guess that happens. I should have realized it wasn’t a burned copy, it clearly has the barcode around the inside of the DVD. What did you think of the movie?

  3. I liked it a lot. Since I read all of the books, I think I appreciated it even more. I’ve heard it’s difficult to follow if you haven’t read the book. How about you?

    • Aaron Hagen says:

      I thought it was pretty good. And before you ask, I didn’t read any of the books. I didn’t know there was ONE book… let alone MULTIPLE. That’s normal, however, since I don’t really read. If I had a complaint, it was that it was too long. I had to literally plan it into my week. Crazy.