What am I?

Posted: 4th May 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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Where do I belong?

Where do I fit in?

What am I?

All good questions.

I hadn’t really thought about this in my previous 26 years. But in year No. 27, it has come up quite a bit.

And here’s what I’m talking about.

Am I a city guy or a farm guy?

I honestly believe the answer is neither.

I grew up in a small town in Iowa. It was a rural community, not unlike those around here. It was a town of right around 1,000 people. My high school graduating class was 45. And we were one of the larger classes.

But I lived in town. Sure, there was farmland surrounding the town, and even some pretty close to my house, but I definitely didn’t live on a farm.

So I don’t think I can be classified as a farm kid.

I’ve found this out more and more recently. I am working on a video project in conjunction with Nobles County Farm Bureau where each month we focus on a different aspect of farming.

The first month we focused on cattle. I thought they were cows. Apparently, there is a difference between raising cows and raising cattle.

Who knew?

This month we are focusing on planting. We interviewed two farmers who have been in the business for years — longer than I’ve been alive.

Needless to say, they could teach me a few things.

On this day, we focused primarily on the planting process. I had never seen a planter up close and personal before, so this was a treat. They explained to me how it works and how the seed gets from the bag to the ground. I thought you had to fill each individual bin, but apparently I was wrong.

As part of the video project, I had the opportunity to take a ride in a tractor while planting. I had been in tractors before, but not while it was actually doing anything. I’ve gone around my grandpa’s farm a few times, but that was just for fun, not for work.

So if it wasn’t obvious before, it sure is now. I am NOT a farm guy.

That leaves a city guy.

Well, I’m not that either.

That was pretty evident last weekend in Minneapolis. I enjoy going to the city and I’ve been in Minneapolis enough to know my way around a little bit. I was in the Cities to help celebrate the birthday of sports editor Chris Murphy. Originally from Chicago, some of his friends flew in from the Windy City to help celebrate.

Talking to them, they couldn’t believe I went to a school with only 45 classmates. Or how I lived in a town of 1,000. Even Worthington, with a population of 12,000 seemed small to them.

As it should.

So I’m not a city guy.

What am I?

Well, I think I’m a small-town guy. I’m someone who likes to go to the big city, but is OK with not living there.

I’m someone who likes to know people in town. And who can get on the golf course without making a tee time four months in advance.

So I’m not a farm kid, nor am I a city kid.

But that’s just fine with me.


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