As an avid sports fan, I often watch Sportscenter.

It’s a nightly program on ESPN that goes through highlights of the day’s sports activity.

One of the best parts of the program is top 10 plays.

It’s a segment I look forward to each time I watch.

At the end of the week, the program recaps the top plays from the week.

As I watched the top plays from the week on Sunday night, it made me think. What are the top 10 plays in my life during the last few weeks?

It was pretty easy to come up with most of them. A couple I had to think about.

But here is my top 10 from the week.

10. Fantasy baseball. This is a stretch, and possibly a little lame. But, it was a highlight of me week. I am in a league featuring five teams from New York and five teams from Minnesota. It’s a weekly head-to-head league where you try to have better numbers than your opponent in 10 categories. Heading into Sunday night’s game, I was trailing 5-4. Thanks to some great performances, I won 6-3. That’s why this is a top play.

9. Filling the ice trays. I wrote a blog about this earlier in the week. It was a big issue at the Globe, and it still is. It was a fun blog to write and I had some interesting responses to it.

8. Meeting new people. One of the great things about my job is the ability to meet new people. Last week, I met quite a few. As journalists, we have the opportunity to go out into the community. Since I moved from sports, I have been introduced into an entirely new culture. This week I had the chance to submerge myself in the farming community, and that opened me up to meeting a lot of new people.

7. Golfing. Again, on the grand scheme of life, this probably isn’t very high, but it was a highlight for me. It wasn’t just the fact I went golfing, but it was more than that. It was Thursday night league. My partner, Justin Heckenlaible, and I were able to make our men’s league debut. I have no idea how we did, but it was a fun time. The next morning, I played nine holes with Dan Condon, a good friend and colleague. The golf itself wasn’t good for me, but the circumstances in which I played were incredible.

6. Storm coverage. The highlight of my week wasn’t the storm. And I was thankful there was very limited damage in the area. As a journalist, it was an exciting time. We went out into the country to look for damage. Luckily, we didn’t find very much. One of the highlights of this event was the way people sent me photos — and a video. We asked for reader-submitted photos and the response was overwhelming. Those photos are featured on the Daily Globe.

5. Planting. Because of the video series we are featuring through Nobles County Farm Bureau, I was able to ride in a tractor while it was planting. I wasn’t driving — thankfully — but I rode alone while a pair of farmers planted a field. I was videoing the Doeden brothers as they made a pass down and back. When they were done with one turn, they came over and asked if I had everything. Like a little kid, I asked if I could get a ride. And they said it was OK. So, I got a tractor ride. Definitely a highlight.

4. Southwest Hearing Aid Center. I did a business story on Nicholas Raymo and how he became certified. While I was there, he looked into my ears. I had never seen into them before. He had a tiny video camera he used to inspect the inside of my ears. I have pretty decent ears, apparently. He showed me how they fit people for hearing aids and other devices. It was definitely a learning experience. I’m hoping to go back sometime and do a video to feature what they do.

3. Ocheda Dairy. On Friday — while it was storming in Worthington — I was south of town learning how to milk cows. I was shooting video (which will be on our website sometime this week) as groups of kindergartners toured the facility. The kids were able to pet a young calf, sit in a tractor, see the pens full of cows and watch the milking process. I think I learned more than the children did. As I mentioned in a post before, I don’t know much about farming, but this week, I have been learning. It was a great opportunity to meet the new aforementioned people. Everyone was nice and accommodating, and made for a great experience.

2. Troops return to Luverne. This was the top work-related activity I had all week. There were some really great moments for me this week, but putting this at No. 2 was an easy decision. Reporter Julie Buntjer and I went to Luverne to see troops returning after a year away. The emotion was incredible. The pure joy and excitement is something you don’t see everyday. It was a special occasion, and one full of emotion. As a journalist, there are times when you get to capture those special moments. Sunday was one of those moments.

1. Seeing family. My cousin came home from Washington, D.C.  this weekend and I had an opportunity to go see him. It was also special because I met his girlfriend for the first time. We are a fun group, and anytime I get to see family is special. We talked, we laughed and we ate. It was a quick trip, but it was a fun trip. I don’t get to see him as much as I would like, but it’s always a pleasure when I do. I was able to see my aunt and uncle, my grandpa and grandma and my mom and dad. So it was a Saturday full of family. Easily the highlight of my week.

  1. Ashley White says:

    What a cool post! I love this idea. It sounds like you had quite the week, actually.

  2. Karen H. says:

    Wow, you had a busy week. Love your list and I was happy that family was No. 1!!!