All Day Fore Africa

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The group who golfed for “All Day Fore Africa” on Wednesday

When I was in high school, I don’t think I could have found Rwanda on a world map.

I could have probably told you it was in Africa, but that was about it.

But a senior-to-be at Worthington High School, Kate Lesnar, can do more than just point her finger to the small African country.

She is making a difference.

Wednesday was the third annual “All Day Fore Africa” for Kate. She attempted to play as many holes of golf as she could in an effort to raise money for the people of Kibeho, Rwanda.

It is 8,000 miles from Worthington to Rwanda.

But on Wednesday at the Worthington Country Club, that distance didn’t seem quite so far.

The first year, Kate had a goal of $1,000 to put toward a water system.

She raised $10,380.

And she delivered the money herself. There is a golf ball mounted on the side of the school from her first trip.

But it wasn’t a one-time commitment for Kate.

She did it again the next year, raising $21,800.

This year, “All Day Fore Africa” is pledging the money to build housing for teachers and a medical center in Kibeho.

The total amount raised hasn’t been figured yet, but if history is correct, it will far exceed last year’s total.

While the events have branched out a little from the golf course — Annie Lesnar and Kailey Wendland played music at BenLees to help raise money for the cause. 

Along with other events in Sioux Falls, S.D., and California, “All Day Fore Africa” is becoming an event that connects people from all over the United States to Rwanda.

On Wednesday, a large group of golfers scattered the course, starting early in the morning and playing well into the evening. Even rain couldn’t stop the festivities.

But as the group came into the clubhouse for a post-golf meal, a rainbow appeared over the 10th green.

A fitting sign from above to those who were giving of themselves for people 8,000 miles away.

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