To one of the best couples I know

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Since the first time I met Mr. Michael Brauer, it was very clear to me how much he loved this girl named Mollie O’Mara.

Mikey and Mollie tie the knot

It wasn’t just Mikey, it was Mikey and Mollie.

And this weekend, those two became Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brauer.

I first met Mike a few years ago.

We were looking for a sports reporter and we got an email from this young gentlemen who was from Nebraska and went to college in Sioux City. However, he was in Washington, D.C. at the time working as an intern at a radio station.

I remember my first thought: “Why does a radio guy want to work in a newspaper?”

So we called him up and scheduled an interview.

We took him to the Beach Nook down by Lake Okabena — a favorite place to conduct interviews for managing editor Ryan McGaughey and myself — and got to know Mike.

I remember how impressive he was.

He was very excited about the opportunity to work in Worthington.

We had another candidate during that round of interviews. His name was also Mike.

I remember being on the golf course for Links for Literacy with Ryan when we had to make a decision.

We decided on Mr. Brauer.

For the next few days, I couldn’t get one thought out of my head, “What if we made a mistake and hired the wrong guy?”

To this day, I’m confident the other Michael would have done a great job.

But from the first day, I knew Mikey was going to do just fine.

Normal sports hours are usually from 3 p.m. until midnight.

His first day was the first day of football practice. I had him meet me at some odd hour, like 9 a.m. at the football field.

From there, we went to Perkins for some breakfast.

It was then when I realized Mikey was the right person for the job.

Through the year he was employed at the Daily Globe, I saw Michael grow, both personally and professionally.

Him and I played hours and hours of video games. We hung out during work and after work. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in Worthington in the five years I’ve lived in town.

But all good things must come to an end, and so did this.

Where it all began — on the campus of Briar Cliff University

He took a job at the Sioux City Journal the following summer. It wasn’t long before he was promoted to the assistant sports editor. It’s kind of funny, I don’t know why, but I feel a strong sense of pride in the fact he was able to advance his journalism career.

It wasn’t too long after I met Mikey that he started talking about his girlfriend, Mollie.

I don’t remember what he talked about or what was said, but I do remember how he lit up when he did.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mollie not too long after. Seeing the two of them together, I knew it was going to be forever.

This past weekend, I saw the next step in their relationship — their wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding — just what I would expect from the couple.

I was honored to be an usher and to partake in the special day.

As they move forward with their relationship, all I can say is congratulations to one of the best couples I know.



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