What do I do with THIS?

Posted: 28th June 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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A look inside my freezer

OK, what in the world do I do with this?

I mean seriously?

I have been working for months — yes, literally months — on trying to clean out my freezer.

It all started in February, right around Valentine’s Day.

We were doing our “14 Day of Love” series and I needed some video of making a meal.

One of the shots was of me pulling out a frozen pizza from my freezer.

Well, it was very iced. To the point where the space I had to store my cold goods was shrinking.

So after some of my friends and family gave me a hard time about it, I decided I needed to clean it out.

Fast forward to this week. It’s empty.

Well, I did have to take out my ice cubes. But, for all intensive purposes, my freezer is empty.

But now what?

How do I defrost it?

I can’t turn off the freezer by itself. The only on/off switch I see is in the fridge. Maybe there is one buried under 12 inches of ice, but who knows? While my freezer might be empty, my fridge is not.

Since it’s about 100 degrees outside and nearly that inside my apartment, I’m not too thrilled about shutting of my fridge and let me food rot.

So I’m stuck.

I suppose I could get some sort of ice pick and go to town.

But let’s be honest, that sounds too difficult. And time consuming.

I’m surely not going to make my cleaning lady deal with it. She deals with enough of my mess.

So it falls on me.

But I literally have no idea.

My mother suggested boiling a pan of hot water and putting it in there. Well, I was able to chip away a little. But I’d have to continue to do that for hours and hours.

I want a quick fix.

So, my faithful readers, do you have any suggestions?

Or, if you want to volunteer, I’ll accept that as well!

  1. Karen Hagen says:

    It’s going to take time. Keep trying the boiling pan of water and soon the ice will fall down.