Have you ever seen corn this tall?

Posted: 2nd October 2012 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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Have you every seen corn this tall?

Grandpa and I by a 14-foot stalk of corn

Because I sure haven’t.

Granted, I’m not a farm kid. I think that’s pretty obvious with some of my last blogs and videos.

But I am from Iowa (hold the jokes, please). So I have seen plenty of corn in my day. Of course, most of it was from the car window, but it’s still corn.

So, when I drove up my grandpa and grandma’s lane Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice a few giant stalks of corn.

After saying hello, I told them I had to go and get a better look.

We took a step ladder and a yard stick and walked out of the side of the house.

The crops were out of the adjacent field, but these stalks would have stuck out even if they were still there.

I had to get my picture taken by these monstrosities. Grandpa and I stood there to give some reference as to how tall these were.

As you can tell from the picture, even the ears on the plant were above my head. I’m about 6 feet tall, and I couldn’t reach the ears.

This is where the ladder came in.

I went up the ladder to see if there were any kernels on the ear. And, there were. I was a little surprised, actually.

Apparently, Grandpa got the seed from some sort of Iowa magazine. They were advertised as 20-foot stalks.

We wanted to see just how tall they were.

I put the yard stick way to the top and measured it down.

It was somewhere around 14 feet.

Not quite 20, but still really impressive.

I don’t know what will become of these corn. They may blow over in a strong wind. Or maybe they will stand until the snow flies.

If they are still standing, grandpa promised that my cousin and I could chop them down at Christmas.

I don’t know if we could plant some of those kernels and grow another crop of ginormous corn, but it might be fun to try.

Of course, I don’t have the head room in my apartment, but maybe I could convince grandpa to place an entire field of this corn.

Somehow I don’t think that will happen.

But seeing these few stalks were definitely a highlight of my weekend.

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