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Of course, I might be a little biased.

A love that has lasted 65 years

But I think it’s one of the greatest love stories of all time.

A long, long time ago — 65 years to be exact — my grandpa and grandma said “I do.”

I can’t even imagine 65 years.

I’m 28. That’s more than twice my age.

In a society where divorce is more and more common, my grandparents have endured. Through the tough times, they have endured.

My parents and I celebrated with them this weekend. We had a cake and shared a nice time together.

As I sat and talked with my grandparents, we talked about all kinds of things. My mom had mentioned that we should have had a big party to celebrate their 65th anniversary. Grandpa didn’t think that was necessary, they had celebrated other milestones. I said we would have to celebrate their 70th anniversary in October of 2017.

That led him to share a story he read in a magazine where a couple was married for 100 years.

I can’t fathom 65, let alone 100.

I asked how you don’t get tired of someone after that many years.

My grandpa smiled a little and looked at my grandma and told us how he continues to love her more and more all the time.

As I thought about it, I realized that’s the type of marriage I want.

I want to love someone more and more every day for 65 years. And I want someone who loves me the same way.

Perhaps my girlfriend is that person, only time will tell.

But until that time, I have to congratulate my grandparents.

Because after 65 years, this is the greatest love stories I know.


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