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When the season began, I thought the Detroit Tigers had a good team.

Were they going to win the World Series? I didn’t think so.

But I figured they would run away with the American League Central Division.

On the other hand, I didn’t think the San Francisco Giants had a prayer.

Sure, they had pretty decent pitching, but I didn’t think they had it offensively.

They traded for a couple of key players, including Marco Scutero — who somehow managed to hit .500 in the NLCS — and Hunter Pence.

But here the two teams are in the World Series.

I feel like the Tigers have the upper hand in this series for a couple of reasons.

The first is they are rested. They cruised past the Yankees and have been waiting for their opponent.

The Giants, meanwhile, had an emotional rally past St. Louis in seven games. One could argue that means they have momentum. I believe they will be sluggish.

The second — and most important — reason I like the Tigers is because of Justin Verlander.

I don’t know if I need to explain myself here. But Verlander is one of the greatest pitchers of this generation.

With his rubber arm, he could pitch three games in this series. Granted, he might have an off night, but even on his off night, he’s a whole lot better than everyone else.

The Giants have a decent staff as well, but they can’t match Verlander.

I hope it’s a good series. I hope the games are close and full of drama. There is nothing better than watching men become heroes during the postseason.

I hope it goes seven games.

And I feel like on that night Verlander will be that hero, delivering a title to the city of Detroit.

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