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During the past few months, I have watched the new senior center being constructed. Of course, when it’s less than a block from the Daily Globe office,  it’s easy to watch the progress.

I remember last winter when the old YMCA building was being destroyed. But like most things, destruction leads to improvement.

And that’s what happened.

I know it took lots of work by many, many people, but a new senior center, or the Center for Active Living, is being built on the site.

Today, following a meeting with Worthington City Administrator Craig Clark, I was able to get an exclusive tour of the building.

Part of the old building remains.

But the new addition will be fantastic.

One of the first things I noticed was the parking spots available outside. The YMCA didn’t have any parking — other than the street — around the building, so the additional parking spots on site is a nice addition.

Of course, on Thursday, there wasn’t any walls, but rather just studs and many workers scurrying about.

When you walk in, on the left side will be a reception area with an office. On the right is a kitchen area.

Straight ahead is a nice, big open space. I already know that space will be used for a variety of activities.

After a set of restrooms, the gym, racquetball courts and basement remain. Of course, they were filled with equipment, but it will provide more space.

The basement is wide open right now. From what I understand, there aren’t too many plans for it right now other than having some pool tables in the area. That allows for more expansion and a space for more programming.

There will be an elevator, and they have already worked on making the space for that between the two floors.

As we ventured out, I am excited about the possibilities.

At the last council meeting, it was decided to increase the current part-time employee to full time. That will allow more time to organize activities at the CAL (is it too soon to start using an acronym).

There is an upcoming open house with seniors to talk about the new CAL and get their input.

I just hope the people of Worthington use the new CAL.

If they get as excited about it as I did walking through, I know it will be a sound investment by the city.

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