What’s the next issue?

Posted: 11th January 2013 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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A few weeks after my housing series was tackled — and completed — I sit and wonder.

What’s the next issue in Worthington?

What is the next project the Daily Globe needs to get to the bottom of?

During the past few years, I have been proud of the work we have done. We have done some in-depth pieces on a lot of different issues.

But what’s next?

When the election season was in full swing, I was fully immersed in the political scene.

Once that was over, I tackled the housing situation in town. I talked with numerous city officials, businesses and residents of Worthington to create a comprehensive look at the lack of housing.

So, now I need your help.

What issues are important to you? What should we look into and find out for you?

Drop me a comment, or email (ahagen@dglobe.com), find me on Facebook or tweet at me (aaronthagen).

No matter how you get a hold of me, I’m excited to see what ideas and suggestions are presented.

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