So, here’s my thought.

It’s the end of January.

About this time every year, the New Year’s resolutions have been discarded.

Sure, we all had good intentions. But they faded fast, didn’t they?

I have one for you.

Why do we have to wait until the beginning of a year to pledge to make a difference?


I’ll give you a minute to ponder your answer.

No matter what excuse you came up with, it’s a horrible one.

There is no reason to wait. We should live our every day lives trying to improve who we are.

Granted. you don’t make these changes overnight. You don’t save for that big vacation or lose weight overnight. It takes many months of dedication. Hence why people make these resolutions at the first of the year. They think it will take an entire year to make the change.

So, let’s try this.

Because let’s be honest, how many of you can even remember your New Year’s resolution? Probably not many.

Let’s try this. As a community, let’s try to treat people just a little bit better.

Before we complain about something, how about we think from the other person’s perspective.

I recently witnessed someone very upset with another individual. It was a mistake, sure, but this person didn’t need to make a scene.

So here’s what I propose for all of us, me included. Before we complain or yell or talk bad about someone else, let’s put ourselves in their shoes.

Let’s try to treat people with the respect they deserve.

And hey, that might make this community just a little bit more welcoming and a better place to call home.

  1. Karen Hagen says:

    Great thought!