There is one common complaint I hear about Worthington.

I hear it over and over again.

In fact, I heard it so much that I almost started to believe it myself.

What I keep hearing from the young professionals in this town is there is nothing to do.

“Sioux Falls has this, or the Cities have that,” I hear.

And yes, that’s true. A community of 12,000 can’t compete with the thriving metropolis that sits less than an hour to our west. And it surely can’t compete with the big-city life Minneapolis and St. Paul can offer.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do here.

Last weekend, Minnesota West Community and Technical College put on a production of “Damn Yankees.” By the time you read this, the showings will be over.

If you didn’t go see it, you missed out. It was extremely well done. I don’t know where director Eric Parrish found all his talent — including college guys who would sing — but it was fantastic.

To those who saw one of the three showings, you know what I’m talking about.

And for those who didn’t, it was an opportunity to have “something to do” in Worthington.

Perhaps the theater isn’t your cup of tea, so to speak.

And that’s OK. We all know it isn’t for everyone.

The Worthington Concert Association announced its 2013-14 lineup of concerts recently. Acts include Abrams Brothers, bluegrass, country and folk-rock band; Aureole Trio, flute viola and harp trio; Charlie Albright, pianist who is a Julliard School of Music graduate; and John Davidson, singer, entertainer, banjoist, host of “The New Hollywood Squares” and Broadway performer.

So, again, maybe you aren’t interested in any of those acts. And that’s perfectly fine.

On May 18, the Worthington Event Center is having a grand opening gala. It’s a semi-formal event with local bands and a great catered meal. Local acts Starfire, Tommy Gunn and Sideline will entertain the crowd, while BenLee’s will serve what should prove to be an excellent dinner. Hors d’oeuvres and wine tasting kick off what is sure to be a fun night.

If that still isn’t for you, two weeks later, the annual YMCA Cruise Dinner takes over the Event Center. The “R” Factor, a Twin Cities based band, featuring popular songs spanning several decades will headline. And, there is a chance to win a cruise.

So, with everything going on in our town, it’s still amazing how people can say there is nothing to do.

Sure there is, you just have to take advantage of those opportunities when they come.

Whenever someone says something along those lines to me, I usually tell them “Worthington is what you make of it.” Maybe the theater isn’t your thing. Or maybe you have no desire to watch a bluegrass band. But why not give it a shot?

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up finding there are lots of things to do.

  1. Janene Winters says:

    Apparently a dad and his son from MICHIGAN found the show at the Memorial Auditorium Sat night THE MAN IN BLACK enticing enough to drive 11 hours after work on Friday to come to it.

  2. Patrick Mahoney says:

    Only boring people are bored Aaron. Knew you weren’t one of them, great reminder!