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Posted: 2nd May 2013 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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I think it’s been about 13 months in the making.

I could be off by a couple weeks, but I do know it’s been quite a while.

Around a year ago, the Daily Globe was hired by the Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau to create a promotional video for the city of Worthington.

I remember when this first began. My thought was, “Where do I begin?”

I honestly had no idea. How could I make such a long video? I didn’t know what I would put in there. We started by looking at other videos from other cities around the county. Some were really, really bad. Others were pretty good.

But the committee that was formed on this wanted a four-to-five-minute video.

And that scared me.

Then we started talking. We started brainstorming. We talked about events and places that needed to be features.

Then the work started.

I went all over town shooting people, places and things. I was at festivals. I was at events. I was everywhere.

And by the end, my thought was “How do I condense this down?”

I had shot 579 video clips totaling 12 hours, 47 minutes and 1 second.

Trying to take the best of the best and putting it in a video was tough. As the videographer, I loved everything. With the help of the committee, we picked what we felt was the best representation of the city as a whole.

Along the way, we decided to get some aerial shots for the video. You can see a few of them sprinkled throughout the video.

Unfortunately, the only way to get aerial shots is to be in the air. A long way.

And I don’t like heights. I have written about how terrifying that was. But I survived.

Finally, a few weeks ago, we were down to the final tweaks.

Now that it’s complete, I have to say I’m pretty proud of the work we were able to do. It really was a team effort and I’m excited about the finished product. I’m hoping it stands the test of time and is something that’s very useful for quite some time.

And for me, it makes me feel good to be able to show off the town a little bit.

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