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I love listening to music.

Very few things in life can do so much. It changes your mood. It makes you relaxed after a tough day. It can make you happy when you’re sad. It can pump you up for a big game. Or get you motivated to run that extra mile or do one more rep at the gym.

And as much as I like putting on some Pandora, looking up videos on YouTube or plugging in and iPod, there is nothing better than live music.

Lately, there has been a lot of options in Worthington.

It started a couple weeks ago with the Event Center Grand Opening Gala. That night featured three local bands — Sideline, Tommy Gunn and Star Fire. A week later, the R Factor played at the Worthington Area YMCA Cruise Dinner.

During both those events, the music was fantastic. I will admit, I hadn’t heard any of them before, but each one provided a unique sound and style.

That all led to the Unvarnished Music Festival as part of the Regatta weekend in Worthington.

The celebration began Friday night with Patchouli and Havana Hi-Fi.

I will have to admit, I didn’t get a chance to hear much of the music on Friday night.

But by Saturday, I was ready to take in all the musical talent the music committee had lined up.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t treat us too kindly.

Constant rains throughout the day forced the music performance into the beer tent.

That had an obvious affect on the crowds. And I have to say, that was a shame. Because all the bands were excellent.

The first band on stage was the Narrow Vines. And, wow. The lead singer and the rest of the group had the tent rocking. Coming into the event, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the Narrow Vines were a great way to start Saturday’s music, and turned into one of my favorites. If I have one regret, it’s that I didn’t purchase a CD of their before they left town.

The next performer was Paul Christian. He was a one-man band who offered a unique style. Salsabrosa followed, and inspired some salsa dancing. Their smooth-playing saxophonist stole the show, and even went and played in the rain at one point.

The final group was American Revival. I have to say, this was another one of the groups I enjoyed the most. Their southern-rock sound energized the tent so much the crowd wouldn’t let them stop playing. The crowds had picked up a little by the time they took the make-shift stage, but I don’t think they got the audience they deserved.

For those who were there to see the music, you were able to see some great talent. If you didn’t make it down, I highly suggest you listen to some of these bands online.

As I was watching the bands on Saturday afternoon, I realized just how much talent there is in the music industry, much of which is under the radar. But that’s what the Unvarnished Music Festival is about, bringing that talent to Worthington. I can see a bright future for these bands. I just hope they have the opportunity to come back once again.

As for me, I’ll just wait for the next time I’ll have the opportunity to listen to some great live music. Until then, I’ll count down the days until next year’s festival when we can hear even more talented musicians on the stage at Sailboard Beach.

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