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Posted: 30th July 2013 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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Day 2 is complete.

We are halfway done.

As I sit here, in room 604 on the campus of Minnesota West Community and Technical College, I sit and reflect.

It seemed like just a few moments ago it was 8:15 a.m. Monday and I was strolling into my room.

Yes, I am teaching.

Having been convinced by Campus Marketer Marie Johnson, I decided I could teach for four days during Kid’s College.

I will teach kids going into fifth and sixth grades the first two days and seventh and eighth the last two days.

I am leading a class in Mass Media. We are learning how to be good media producers. Each group is split into two smaller groups. From there, we are going around to the other Kid’s College classes to report on the happenings.

The group is responsible for photographing, interviewing and videoing the project. Each team has a writer, still photographer, videographer, editor, interviewer and producer.

So far, so good.

The first group of kids have dome some amazing work — far exceeding what I could have done at their age.

Once the projects are all completed, each will be featured on the Daily Globe website. You will be able to read what they wrote, see the photos and watch the videos from each of the groups.

I was a little nervous heading into the first day of Kid’s College, but halfway through, I am glad I agreed to do it, and thankful I was asked.

I don’t know if the kids will retain everything that I’ll try to get across during the four days I have them, but if they are just a little more aware of media in our world, I’ll be happy.

I hope you enjoy what we produce as much as I enjoyed helping the young minds learn.

  1. Dale Moerke says:

    Good work.

  2. Thanks for making time to share your talents with our communities kids. Thanks Aaron!

  3. gretcheno says:

    My son enjoyed your class! Sadly, my daughter missed it each day as she had orchestra. But thanks for your hard work!! I can’t wait to see the results!