It’s hot

Posted: 27th August 2013 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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I don’t think I need to tell you how hot it is outside.

But in case you didn’t know, it’s very hot.

So hot that schools are being let out. Sports are being cancelled or pushed back later into the evening.

It’s almost too hot to grill. Or to golf. Or to be outside for any extended period of time.

I feel sorry for those people who have to work outside this week.

As an assignment for the Globe, I recently talked to Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp. A native of Adrian, Todd is familiar with the weather happenings of southwest Minnesota.

According to him, it’s hot. And going to be hot all week.

“The heat indices is a function of the dew point,” he said. “The dew point is going to stay up high throughout that entire time frame. With the minimal wind, it’s going to make the conditions quite oppressive in some areas.”

That’s not good news for people like me who struggle with no air conditioning.

I don’t often have an opportunity to speak with a meteorologist. I guess I don’t get assigned weather stories very often. But I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about the weather lately. It all started April 9 with the ice. And later snow.

We had snow on May 1. And a few days later — around May 14 — it was 100 degrees.

Then we had a wet June. And a cool summer.

Now, this.

So, what’s up with this crazy weather?

“I’ve lived in the upper Midwest for most of my life,” Heitkamp said. “I grew up in southwest Minnesota. I have nothing to base this on, but can I say this is an extreme event the past six months? No. I think we’ve had situations like this many years before. It’s just that our memories can’t recall it. We’d have to look back at the whole thing. When people look back at the last six months, they think of those highlights that you just talked about, the ice storm in April, how often does that occur? Very, very rare does that occur in April. That’s typically in October and November. Then you have a cooler summer, that’s just one of those things that does happen. We have had cooler summers before. There’s nothing we can hang our hat on and say what caused these rare events. Do I think they are tied together? Absolutely not.”

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little concerned about what the fall and winter will bring.

But, you know what they say, if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes, it will change.

That’s usually true.

Except this week where all the change will be from hot to hotter.

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