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I really wish that’s how it worked.

I wish when the government shuts down — like it did yesterday– we can stop paying taxes.

Hey, if a certain percentage of the federal employees are no longer working or a certain percentage of the programs or parks run by the government are shut down, isn’t that fair? If the government isn’t working, why do they need money?

Let’s talk for a bit about fair.

How about this. In essence, the politicians in Washington are on strike. No, they don’t call it a strike. But they are intentionally not doing their jobs because they disapprove of what the others are doing.

And while they are intentionally not working, they are getting paid.

Rep. Tim Walz is donating his pay to charity.

Good for him.

But the fact he’s getting paid at all is ridiculous. I surely don’t get paid for not doing my job. Why does he?

Others government employees aren’t getting paid. They don’t have the opportunity to donate their money to charity.

So, what is this all about anyway?

If you ask the Democrats, it’s the Republicans’ fault. If you ask the Republicans, it’s the Democrats’ fault.

To be honest, I don’t care who is actually to blame. What I see this is they can’t compromise.

When you are in grade school, you learn how to compromise.

I was recently at a party for twin girls who were turning 5.

They were playing on the floor with some magnetic building blocks. One of them wanted a piece the other had. So, she got up and traded.

She was basically saying, “I’ll trade you this piece for that one.”

I believe that’s called compromise. Each person gave up something to get something in return.

If 5-year-olds can figure it out, why can’t grown men and women in Washington, D.C.?

I have an answer for that, too.

Because politics isn’t about representing your area anymore.

It isn’t about doing what’s best for your country.

It’s about what party you belong to.

Sure, there are politicians who will stand up and say that it isn’t and they can work together.

No, they can’t.

They have proven once again that they can’t compromise. They can’t think about what’s best for us, their constituents.

Instead, they are more concerned about what their party believes.

And when World War II veterans are locked out of their own memorial because these people can’t figure out how to compromise and think of someone else than themselves, it’s time they go.

That’s right, they all need to go.

If people in Washington aren’t willing to do their jobs — which is exactly what they are doing now — then someone needs to do it for them.

There was a major turnover in Minnesota after the last government shutdown.

I sincerely hope the same thing happens in Washington.

There is an election coming up on Nov. 5. It would be fun to put all these politicians on a ballot — and see who actually gets elected again. At this point, there isn’t time for campaigning, there isn’t time for name calling. There’s just time to decide if people are happy with their elected officials. I’m guessing many wouldn’t be going back to our nation’s capital.

The American people are suffering because of the shutdown. The politicians and their checkbooks aren’t.

All I hope is something changes before real damage is done.


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