It’s Olympic time

Posted: 9th February 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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I love the Olympics.

Whether it’s the winter or summer games, I am glued to my television, waiting for the next star to be born.

This year is no different. With Friday’s opening ceremonies, we were able to learn a little about Russian history.

As the games are in full swing, I always revel at the athletic talent throughout the world.

Here’s what amazes me.

It’s that the games only come around once every four years.

Could you imagine? You work for years and years and you get one shot. Maybe it’s one routine. Or one jump. Or one pass at a course.

And that’s it.

For many, that’s all there is.

Granted, I know there are other competitions between the games.

But it’s not the same.

Could you imagine if the NBA only gave out one title every four years? Or if there was a Super Bowl, then three years without one?

As a Cubs fan, the motto, ‘There’s always next year,’ wouldn’t apply.

It’s no wonder why we see such emotion following competitions.

I can’t say that I have a favorite sport during the winter games. It’s always fun to watch such things like speed skating or bobsled. But really, no matter what NBC decides to show us, it’s just fun to watch as the best athletes in the world compete.

Even though we are only a few days into the competition, I know there is much more to come.

So, even if you aren’t into figure skating, or snowboarding, or luge, take a minute to appreciate these athletes. They are putting it all on the line for their country in hopes of bringing home a gold medal.

There are some great stories of triumph — and failure — and that’s what makes these games dramatic.

One of my favorite things about the Olympics is learning about the athletes who deliver that drama. Sure, you may know some of the big-name stars or the repeat Olympians, but it’s the new comers who make it worth watching. It’s the young skater making his or her debut in what will be a meteoric rise to champion that keeps me coming back.

So I invite you to follow along these next few weeks as these stories unfold. If you miss a night, that’s OK, we’ll have the coverage on the pages of the Daily Globe to keep you up to date.

And let’s hope when the games are over and the Olympic flame is extinguished, the U.S. once again shows its dominance on a world stage.

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