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As soon as I heard about the comedy show at the Worthington Event Center, I was excited.


In Worthington?


But yes, it happened.

A week before, I bought tickets for myself and my girlfriend, Kelsey. Sure, it was the day after Valentine’s Day, but I still figured it would be a good event for the two of us.

We showed up at the Event Center about 45 minutes before the dinner was to start. The crowd was sparse, and once we located a co-worker of mine, we had our spot for the night. I’m glad we went when we did. A few minutes later, the place was full.

I have to say, Hy-Vee did a great job catering the meal. A meal of pork loin, chicken, baked potato, spring salad and a roll was delicious.

Then, it was time for the comedians.

For the next two hours, it was almost non-stop laughing. So much so, in fact, that my cheeks were sore from the amount of laughing throughout the night.

I have talked to a couple people I knew from the event, and so far, the reviews have been positive.

And judging by the turnout, these events are needed in a town like Worthington.

According to the Event Center website, the place can hold approximately 500 people. Granted, on this night, there was room for a stage, bar and buffet area.

The rest was full.

According to Event Coordinator Jackie Tentinger, she had set up for 330 people.

She had to bring out more tables.

Yes, there were close to 350 people at the event.

It would be hard to find an event in Worthington that draws that many people.

I believe that means people want events like this.

Before the Event Center, there wasn’t a place to hold comedy shows. Or New Year’s Eve parties.

Now there is.

I am glad the community is supporting these events, and I can’t wait to see what Jackie and the rest of the people at the Event Center have in store.

I know one thing for sure, the next time they have a comedy show, I’ll be first in line for tickets.

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