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Well, I didn’t win a billion dollars by filling out a perfect bracket.

And you know, I’m not too broken up about it. Maybe it’s because I had really no expectations of winning.

Or maybe it was because I wouldn’t know what to do with a billion dollars anyway.

Even though this tournament won’t be profitable for me (I’m not even going to win my office pool), it doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed it.

I didn’t so much enjoy the Iowa loss. But other than that, I have enjoyed every minute I have been able to watch.

And while I am planning to spend most of this weekend watching basketball, I will have to miss most of tonight’s games.

But it’s for a good reason: The Worthington Area YMCA Cruise Dinner.

Annual event promises fun evening

I have often told people, Worthington is what you make of it.

Well, tonight, Worthington has an opportunity to be a great place to be.

The annual YMCA Cruise Dinner is tonight at the Worthington Event Center.

This year, the Johnny Holm Band will be the main entertainment.

I have gone to the Cruise Dinner a few years now, and it has proved to be a highlight of the year each time.

A year ago, the event moved to the Event Center. The venue was great. Out there again this year, I have high expectations for the evening.

I have written many times about my fondness for live music. And this is yet another opportunity to hear some great music.

Worthington really is what you make of it.

And with good friends, good food and good music, the YMCA Cruise Dinner is going to make Worthington a great place to be.

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