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Hello Social Media Breakfast Club!

Posted: 22nd April 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized

If you are reading this, that means this is being used as an example for the Social Media Breakfast Club. If that’s the case, then hello! I’m glad you are here, and hopefully you are getting something useful out of this session. If you aren’t, please ask questions. This is about you and how we [...]

Where does inspiration come from?

Posted: 17th April 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized

That has to be one of the most common questions I get when it comes to blogs. How do you come up with things to write about? I can’t speak for my colleagues here at the Daily Globe, because we are all different. But I can speak for me. And sometimes, yes, it is difficult. [...]

Which is better?

Posted: 9th April 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized

A friend of my posed an interesting question recently. Which is better, winning the NIT or being one and done in the NCAA tournament. Of course, he was referencing the Minnesota men’s basketball team winning the National Invitation Tournament and the Iowa Hawkeyes losing in the “First Four.” Well, my first thought is neither. In [...]

Well, I didn’t win a billion dollars by filling out a perfect bracket. And you know, I’m not too broken up about it. Maybe it’s because I had really no expectations of winning. Or maybe it was because I wouldn’t know what to do with a billion dollars anyway. Even though this tournament won’t be [...]

Not letting it bring me down

Posted: 14th March 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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This is one of my favorite times of the year. And it’s not just because it’s finally getting warm. Although that doesn’t hurt. But what makes this the best time of the year is March Madness. It’s the time when the world stops (or at least my world does) and watches college basketball. It’s the [...]

It’s time for Lent

Posted: 7th March 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized

It happens every year. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. Yes, I’m talking about Lent. For my dad, a Lutheran minister, Lent was always a busy time. There were the extra services throughout the week. There were special things going on during Sunday services. And, of course, who could forget the sunrise [...]


Posted: 19th February 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized

As soon as I heard about the comedy show at the Worthington Event Center, I was excited. Comedians? In Worthington? Really? But yes, it happened. A week before, I bought tickets for myself and my girlfriend, Kelsey. Sure, it was the day after Valentine’s Day, but I still figured it would be a good event [...]

It’s Olympic time

Posted: 9th February 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized

I love the Olympics. Whether it’s the winter or summer games, I am glued to my television, waiting for the next star to be born. This year is no different. With Friday’s opening ceremonies, we were able to learn a little about Russian history. As the games are in full swing, I always revel at [...]

It’s been a fun few weeks

Posted: 28th January 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized

It has been a fun few weeks here at the Daily Globe World Headquarters. How often do you get to say that about their job? Well, this time, I get to. Sometimes you go into a story knowing it’s going to be great. And others, you aren’t so sure. But each one is unique in [...]

Behind the stats

Posted: 15th January 2014 by Aaron Hagen in Uncategorized
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I have to admit, as a journalist, people are often times more than willing to help you out. Now that I work in news, people are more than willing to hand out information. That includes agendas or press releases. I don’t have enough space to thank the city of Worthington for the city council packets. [...]